Tuesday, 9 December 2014


My aunt was sorting out her collection of nail polish, and let me take what I wanted from whatever she was discarding. These are the polishes I took away! Lucky me.

That made me think it's probably a good idea to show another picture of my collection since the most recent one I have up is from 2011. As you're aware, it's nearly 2015.
My collection, pre-reorganisation.

Collection, post-reorganisation! With a sneaky cameo of my Ghostbusters tee.

I managed to get my hands on another beautycase (the larger, blue one) and transferred my ~fancy~ polishes to that (YSL, Koh, Herôme, Dior etc.) and managed to free up some space in the 'miscellaneous' case on the left, which was really stuffed to the lid. It's probably a good idea if I do some sorting out myself if I get the urge to add any more to the collection. It's not the biggest amount out there, but it's really more than enough for any single person to own. 

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