Tuesday, 12 August 2014


I think it's been quite a while since I wore anything from Herôme. I'm currently filling in for someone at their job, and it's really rough on the nails. Throughout my relatively short time there many a-manicure has gotten damaged and I've broken a few nails, too. So at the moment I keep them comparatively short and simple. Which is a shame for interesting nail art endeavours, but pretty good for going through my list of untrieds.
(I think I have worn this in the distant past, though.. Shhh.)

This is 'Toronto 118'.

I decided to take a picture at the front of our apartment and the back, so you see the polish in two different lighting situations and get the best view of it. It's somewhere between a green and a blue and has a particular shimmer and stroke-quality to it that I've come to associate with Herôme nail polish.

Despite a hint of tip wear (which I think could have been staved off with top coat - I am not wearing any) this has been on my nails for a few days now and despite being busy the colour has held up well! It covered in two coats.

Artificial light, flash.


  1. Prachtig lakje! De shimmer maakt 'm echt mooi!

    1. Ja hé? Je hebt een zelfde soort shimmer in Santiago en Edinburgh. Perfecte hoeveelheid shimmer voor mij :).