Sunday, 17 August 2014

Four Rimmel Gradient.

 From left to right (all Rimmel),
700 Block Your Green, 825 Sky High, 420 Aqua Cool, 425 My Denim

Something more than a plain colour from me again? Could this be? Yes, it could, and so it is.
This gradient proved a tough one to photograph since lighting conditions everywhere are terrible. Outside the sky makes everything drab and gloomy, inside everything is made to look oddly orange. My photo situation is complicated.

My material for sponging has changed since last time! When I bought Emerald, I threw some makeup sponges into my basket as well. Prior to this I'd actually been using a cutting from a facepainting sponge, which is a lot more porous than makeup sponges and you can really see the difference it makes. The green nails are still done with the facepainting sponge, whilst the lilac/blue uses the new sponges. The gradient is so much smoother, I'm super pleased!


  1. Wauw! Ik hou zo van gradients... pretty!

    1. Ze gaan mij zeker nog lang niet vervelen. Thanks!