Monday, 26 May 2014

We've got fun 'n games.

One of my goals is to have every polish on my Stash page linked. Which means I'll have to use them all.

Filling out all the Catrice polishes then seems like an attainable sub-goal, because I've got most of those up already!

Here 'C02 Welcome to the Jungle', from the Papagena LE in 2011. I've worn it, just not posted about it.

I should hope the post title reference is an obvious one.

I think that bottle cap has been strangely sticky and crackly since I got it. What's up with that?
Aside from whatever mysterious affliction the bottle has, I have basically no complaints about this polish. The colour is an interesting one. Sort of like an aged gold, if you see what I mean? It went on just fine in two coats and held up for a few days before any damage started to appear.
Whilst most shades can greatly vary depending on the lighting, this one seems to be continuously cut from  the same cloth.

Artificial light, flash.


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    1. Ja toch? Vindt 'm wel geschikt voor de winter. ...En daarom droeg ik 'm in mei?