Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Long Time No Stamp.

I'm starved for title inspiration, is it obvious?

Recently added another Catrice polish to my collection, which stood out to me both for it's silly, pun-riddled name '46 Berry Potter & Plumbledore', and its interesting turquoise shimmer.

First I sponged it over '200 From Dusk to Dawn', but the difference in purples wasn't as big as I thought it would be, resulting in mostly a shimmery tip.

Using YSL '141 - White Gold', I wanted to add some details.. but really, none of it turned out the way I had planned it in my head.

I had only meant to stamp one nail per hand, but because the silver stripes didn't turn out as crisp as I wanted them (curse you, tape!) I stamped all my nails to try and cover it up a little.
I used a full-nail stamp from a BM21 plate, buuuut.. my nails are too long. I stubbornly tried it anyway and had to try and fill in the excess space with more stamping and it's all just a bit messy.
Despite it being a far cry from what I had originally wanted to do, I don't seem to dislike it, either.

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