Wednesday, 9 April 2014

#Feel Like Sky is the Limit

It was my birthday on the 6th, and one of my friends gave me this bottle of colour changing nail polish from Casuelle. I've got some Casuelle eyeshadow but I've never used any of the brand's nail polish. Nor did I know they had any ... but moving on.
It's labelled "#Feel Like Sky is the Limit" but despite the hashtag is given no number. The name also seems somehow.. off to me. 'Feel Like the Sky is the Limit' would've fit too, bottle design folks.

The sticker tries to pass it off as a white that fades to a dark gray, but there's really no two ways about it - this thing is green.
All the better though, because that is my colour.

A dual 'foresty' green when exposed to room temperature and body heat, but it's quite army green when it's colder.
At present, I'm not really sure about it, though I do like it. The formula is kind of jelly and because of that it's rather sheer. You sort of lose the gradient feel because it's all so light. The other colours in the collection have a pretty strong contrast, but the colours aren't really to my taste.

I think if I wear it again the future, I'll try layering it over a thin coat of Catrice's 'It's Rambo No. 5' to establish colour, but not so much that the colour changing effect suffers under it.