Sunday, 16 March 2014

You win some, you lose some.

Left:  '90 - Dark Lavender'
Right:  '130 – Black Burgundy'

I have these two older Catrice polishes. A friend had borrowed one of them, and its return made me want to try it on again as well. Since I owned two of them, I wore them in succession.

Dark Lavender really positively surprised me. I've had these polishes for so long I don't know if I've ever worn them before let alone how the application was, and despite its age it had no problems whatsoever. It covered very well in two coats and dried fairly quickly. I also really like this shade of purple.
Flash  -  Artificial light.

Its redder cousin, Black Burgundy seems to have fared less well over the years. It had gone rather stringy and goopy, left bumps in the polish and started chipping pretty quickly. I'm hoping some nail polish thinner will return this to a state of usability, because it's a nice deep red colour I wouldn't mind using if the formula behaved.

Flash. (Artificial light photo unfortunately turned out very blurry, sorry!)

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