Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Back to Paradise.

When your nail polish collection reaches a certain size, it's an inevitability that there are going to be polishes that somehow fall between the cracks that you forget about completely.

Essence's 'Return to Paradise' collection was one that came out in 2010 and featured a bunch of nice summer-appropriate bright colours.
And also this dark green, which is the only thing of the collection I have. No surprises there, I suppose.
It's '03 Back to Paradise'.

I might arrogantly describe myself a connoisseur of green nail polishes since it's the colour I wear most, and though this one has one big fault, I do think it's a gorgeous colour and am willing to look past it. 
Unfortunately it's pretty sheer, and will need at least three coats to cover. I daresay (as usual) that this may be a less obvious deficit on a shorter nail but even then it just doesn't cover all that evenly. It becomes more obvious when one looks at it under different light - 
Flash - Artificial light.
Though sheerness is usually my biggest pet peeve, it doesn't seem to bother me all too much with this polish. I don't know if it's because I just enjoy the colour that much or something else but either way it was a nice rediscovery. A coat or so extra won't really kill me, after all.

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