Monday, 14 December 2015

Elderberry (not so) Matte

Though it might be the season to be jolly, it is absolutely not so for nail photography. At best, natural light is bleak and grey, at worst, there's none whatsoever when the clouds are dark and the rain is pouring. But before I start waxing poetic even further, I'll get to the nail polish, shall I?

It's a Pieces polish by the name of 'Elderberry Matte', and though I suppose the Elderberry part is all well and good, I don't feel like the finish of this one is all that matte. (Say that five times fast!) Since it's not that matte and unfortunately a little on the streaky side, it definitely needed a topcoat to try and even it out a bit.
Alas, as lighting conditions were not working out in my favour, the photo with top coat turned out somewhat on the grainy side. Streakiness aside, the colour both applied and lasted well.

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