Friday, 12 September 2014

Sea Sunset.

Rummaging through the nail polish at Action, I found this pretty blue by Maybelline. It goes by the name of '800 Sea Sunset' and only set me back €1.79 compared to a regular retail price of around €8.99. I love bargains on nail polish, because it makes it feel like less of an insane hobby. I don't want to even think about how much money I've put down for my large collection small bottles of paint that you mostly clean off less than a week later. Rationally, it is.. quite a strange thing.

It has a really nice, almost galaxy-like pink shimmer that I struggled to photograph on my nails but was willing to show up on the bottles. In real life it shows up on your nails just fine. It is slightly on the sheer side, and if I recall correctly I went for three coats just to be safe.

I had originally intended to do some nail art on this, but working with glue did some damage and I don't feel like redoing my nails in the same colour, so it will probably be done over a different base.

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