Wednesday, 13 November 2013


'T is a continued unfortunate state of affairs the workload my current school provides me does not leave me the time on a weekly basis to do awesome nail art things. I'd also like to see my boyfriend or friends every now and then, which means less time.

It makes me very uncomfortable, though. To see my nail polish chip more each day. I went to school without any polish at all once, it has - literally - been years since I have done that. Highly irregular.

Anywho, I bring to you a swatch of  '105 Lisbon', by Herôme.
With flash.
(Middle finger polish got a little damaged overnight..) A nice purple polish of no real preference to either pink or blue. It's a proper purple. It has a nice shimmer in it that livens up the colour.
It's not the greatest in terms of coverage, in order to be satisfied I had to go for three coats, but on a shorter nail two would do.

Artificial light.
Its longevity is nothing too special, it started chipping rather soon. I do like this shade a lot so I'll be wearing it again sometime soon!

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