Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Red Means Stop.

I'm pretty bummed out by the fact that when I get home, it's almost inevitably dark out. This means I don't really get the chance to take much colour accurate picutres, so doing a lot of swatching is kinda pointless. But my nails - naturally - do remain polished!
Autumn and Halloween left me with a desire for classy red nails. I blame Morticia Addams.
Look at 'em!
I think I've largely gotten over my previously named 'weird relationship with reds'.
Anyway, this somewhat sloppy half-moon mani consists of Essence's '03 - Cotton Candy' as base, topped off with NYC's '235 - Fine Red Wine'. It's funny how I wasn't even sure this polish was one I wanted to keep but now I've grown to really like it.
 On a somewhat unhappier note, I've broken a nail on my left hand (hence my right featuring in the pictures, which doesn't often happen) so now that this is posted I may trim down the rest a little to compensate. Ouch!

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