Saturday, 10 March 2012

Omelette du fromage.

If that title made sense to you, odds are you're gonna like this post.
Or.. that you enjoy French and eggs.. but I digress - onto the nails!

This post sadly brings with it my significantly shorter nails. Ouch. I broke my middle finger nail making a Sally dress for my little sister, and chopped the rest down as well. It's also been really long since I did some proper nail art (roughly three months or so?) so I'm glad I did.
Anywho, a group on deviantART I'm a member of has Cartoon Network as its monthly theme, and I spent three years of my life doing very little else besides watching Cartoon Network!
I was instantly inspired to go for the cartoon I've cherished very much since I first saw it, Dexter's Lab. It's been a favourite for years and I frequently still watch the episodes. But I'm sure you don't care about my television-related life story and I'll just show you more pictures.

  The blue behind Dexter is a Miss Sporty polish. I wore it before my nail broke and I took some pictures so I won't get into it yet.
The darker blue on my empty nails is My Boyfriend's Jeans by Essence, from their Denim Wanted! collection some time ago.
The pink behind DeeDee is a L'Oreal Resist & Shine Titanium polish and has been previously discussed in A Study in Pink.
The characters themselves have been painted with gouache and acrylic paints and a 00 brush.


  1. I love this length way better than your long nails. Nice nail-art!

    1. It's just a *bit* too short for my liking, but hey. Thank you!